BoB ITRunner trailers are designed and built to offer the best compromise between safety, payload, driving comfort and durability. The use of high strength steel for the carpentry has led to a significant reduction in the trailer’s tare, increasing its payload capacity, while the use of SAF axles and Wabco ABS EBS electronic systems ensure maximum safety while driving. The high quality of the materials, the attention to detail and the quality of the painting make a BoB ITRunner trailer a durable investment.




Trailer 2 axles with air suspension for containers of length from 5,000 to 7,000 mm. + INP200

  • CALENDERED carying frame
  • Braking system with ABS and WABCO EBS
  • SAF axles with disc brakes.
  • Wheels (N° 9 tyres) mod. 265/70 R 7.5
  • Spare wheel and spare wheel carrier
  • Suitable for container handling with maximal length 5,000 mm. or 7,000 mm. + INP200
  • Removable galvanized mechanical stops to center the different body lengths.
  • Rubber trolley stops
  • Chamfered rear loading part to improve container loading
  • Full vehicle weight 3,300 kg, useful capacity 16,700 kg.
  • Pneumatic container locking system with internal jaws
  • Trolley with rollers and external guide inside the longitudinal members.
  • Domex special steel trolley.
  • Internal body supports to the spars for driving and anti-yellowing body
  • ABS fenders
  • Wrapping aluminum paracycle bars
  • Perimeter lights
  • ABS tarpaulin drawer
  • Sandblasting and painting in grey color.
  • Eye for automatic towing bell.
  • Rear bar and galvanized suspended elements
  • ITRUNNER rear flap + splash guards on single fenders
  • Wedges and wedges carrier
  • CE-compliant
  • Homolgation documents with chassis delivery

Trailer 2 axles with air suspension for containers of length from 5,000 to 7,000 mm. + INP200

  • Tare: kg 4,000
  • SAF axle with disc brakes and hoisting central axle
  • Air suspension with automatic leveling system
  • WABCO dual circuit braking system with ABS and EBS system
  • Electrical system according to EEC regulations
  • Wheels mod. 265/70 R 7.5
  • Automatic towing eye diam. 50 mm
  • Special carrier frame for high strength steel trailer with lowered container supports mm 1,080 mm
  • Large carrier frame with high strength steel translation trolley in DOMEX
  • Translation trolley equipped with 4 sets of roller bearings and end-of-travel rubber latches
  • Hydraulic locks of the internal case equipped with special locking jaws
  • Light aluminum alloy side protectors with galvanized support arms
  • Wedge and wedge carrier
  • Toolbox in black ABS
  • Fenders on each axis in black ABS
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Full rubber flap rear bumper ITRUNNER
  • Painting on standard grey enamel sandblasted metal parts


BoB ITRunner IT20 trailer chassis are self-supporting and calendered. The calendering allows the realization of a lowered structure and the increased width of the frame allows you to accommodate the central beams of the bins inside the same, ensuring high ease of loading and exceptional stability while driving.

BOB ITRunner hooklift trailers are equipped as standard with the latest generation WABCO ABS and EBS devices.

BoB ITRunner trailers are equipped with SAF axles and disc braking, developed and manufactured by SAF on specific indications.

BoB ITRunner ITR26 trailers are equipped as standard with the central axle lifting device to facilitate manoeuvrability during manoeuvers.

  • High-strength steel construction with shaping for the universal housing of the container heads.
  • Guide rollers mounted on upper and external/internal bearing members
  • End-of-run trolley blockwith double silent block in the trailer head
  • Increased trolley size with external translation rollers to ensure maximum stability during loading and unloading maneuvers from the trailer

All supports for side guards and support brackets for equipment are made of hot galvanized steel to provide maximum corrosion protection.