Roll-on, roll-off containers and portable compactors

BOB Sistemi Idraulici SpA produces containers, and portable compactors for every type of use, from waste collection to scrap transport, from the transport of construction materials to liquids Great attention is paid to production quality, to the customization of the containers and to the choice of accessories such as covers, doors, sides, locks etc.


Roll on roll-off containers for hazardous waste, scrap, paper, organic waste and sludge. Available in standard steel, high tensile steel Hardox, stainless steel and aluminum on customer’s request. Wide availability of customization for locks, covers and dimensions. Wide availability of customization for locks, covers and dimensions.


Accessories for roll-on roll-off containers, double rear door locks, single door sealed for liquid / loose materials and sludge. Roof covers, double covers, hydraulic opening for containers with crane. ADR specifications

Construction and aggregates containers

Roll-on roll-off boxes for specific use for aggregates and construction materials. Dimensions up to 7400mm, available in standard steel, high tensile steel Hardox, stainless steel and aluminum. Standard square or rounded bottom drawing . Fixed or removable sides. Wide availability of solutions Wide availability of solutions for rear lockings.


Hooklift containers for crane mounting with hydraulic locking to secure the unit to the vehicle. Dimensions up to 7400mm lenght and 2500mm height Costruction in standard steel , high tensile steel, stainless steel and alluminum. Wide range of solutions for rear doors with single and double door Sealed locking, covers and hydraulic roofs.


Single-pile or drawer discardable compactors to reduce the volume of waste such as packaging, paper, cardboard, plastic, bottles and organic fraction waste. Possibility of auxiliary thermal motor connection and remote monitoring with the BOB CONNECT system, a remote diagnostics and geolocation system. Download datasheets

Roll-on, roll-off tanks

Tanks for the transport of water (drinking or industrial), fuel with loading and unloading system, tanks for the transport of dirty water and purge, tanks for agricultural use.


Containers with pushing wall discharge system mainly used for the transport of bulk materials like waste and agricultural materials.


Containers for military use or emergency interventions, tanks and bins for recycling collection or single waste collection.