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For 45 years we have been producing equipment for the transport of materials developing a global know-how able to make us one of the reference companies at international level

Founded in 1976 as a commercial company, B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici S.p.A. follows from its origins the development of the market created by the collection and disposal of waste starting its industrial life in the 80s, immediately a national and international protagonist of the production and distribution of the discardable plant. Even today B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici S.p.A., the first Italian company in the sector to be certified ISO 9001:2000, is a national reference point and a great presence in the world market, from the Far East to Europe as from Australia to South America.

Always distinguished for the use of high quality materials favoring strength and lightness, B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici S.p.A. maintains its quality goal as the common thread of its now thirty-year history.
A production that aims at 2500 units per year, a production area of about 150000 square meters, the extreme variety of products in the range, the experience and modern management of this company make it undoubtedly one of the reference producers in the sector.

The B.O..B. production lines are divided into four plants for a total of about 30000 square meters covered and about 150000 square meters between warehouses and forecourts for storage.

The advanced technology used in the various production processes and the constant commitment to research and development of new methods to produce have allowed the company to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality, which consolidate it as the largest Italian producer.

The high automation in the various production processes does not deprive the company of the human contribution but, on the contrary, requalifies it at a higher level in every area of production.

The interest and passion for work makes B.O.B an important human capital that improves and progresses through continuous investments aimed at their training.