The BOB hooklift range is designed and built according to your necessities. With over 30 models of hooklifts available in more than 400 versions, we can configure your equipment to fit your needs perfectly. Strength, endurance and reliability are only some of the benefits deriving from the use of our container handling systems. Our customers can also count on an unmatched range of standard and optional features for any need.

All the hooklifts of the BoB Sistemi Idraulici range can be equipped with the exclusive BoB Connect system and benefit from tax advantages in favor of technological investments linked to the “Industry 4.0” program.




TA14 14 15 – 18 ton 1,900 ÷ 2,150 4,000 ÷ 6,000 Download
TA16 16 15 – 18 ton 2,000 ÷ 2,200 4,000 ÷ 6,000 Download
TA18 18 18 – 26 ton 2,100 ÷ 2,300 4,000 ÷ 7,200 Download
TA20 20 18 – 26 ton 2,700 ÷ 3,050 4,000 ÷ 7,200 Download
TA22 22 26 ton 2,720 ÷ 3050 4,000 ÷ 7,200 Download
TA26 26 26 – 32 ton 2,810 ÷ 3,130 4,000 ÷ 7,200 Download
TA30 30 26 – 40 ton 3,200 ÷ 3,500 7,200 ÷ 7,200 Download


High power to weight ratio thanks to the use of high strength steel. The hooklifts of BoB Sistemi Idraulici are designed for heavy duty work and high productivity guaranteed over time.

Pierced underframe The piercing of the longitudinal members allows the ideal positioning of the fixation plates, saving time during the mounting phase. The fixation plates maintain the original features of the structural components without need of welding.

The bolted hook foresees easy and fast replacement, and the hook gravity system gives maximum safety during container loading / unloading operations.

The (optional) pneumatic hook locking device allows safety locking regardless of the angle and position of the main arm.

Programable control box with spiral cable. The new radio control for the hooklifts of B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici is based on the CAN BUS technology and interfaces with the main equipment also acting as a receiver unit. No further electrical and electronic components mounted, only a minimum of electrical wiring and watertight components are the best warranty of system reliability. BoB Easy C is serial mounted on all BOB hooklifts.

The new (optional) radio control for the hooklifts of B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici is based on the CAN BUS technology and interfaces with the main equipment also acting as a receiver unit. Only the essential electrical wiring and watertight components mounted are the best warranty of system reliability, without adding further electrical and electronic components.

Pneumax pneumatic control with wired control in the cab.

BoB Connect is a telediagnostic system with satellite interconnection specific for hooklifts, skip loaders, loading cranes and agricultural trailers. The system allows you to monitor the location and conditions of use of the equipment using a data network. BoB Connect allows you benefit from the tax relief provided to support technological investments related to the “Industry 4.0” program.

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The lower part of the hooklift, including also the crossbar member of the lifting cylinders, allows the equipment mounting even in the presence of the gearbox above the chassis level for all-wheel-drive vehicles 4×4 6×6 8×8.

On the entire hooklift range of BoB Sistemi Idraulici there are mounted high capacity flow controls and hydraulic components to increase the manoeuvres speed. This solution, together with the correct sizing of the hydraulic oil tank, keeps the oil operating temperature at the best level and protects the hydraulic components.

The main structural components subject to handling such as pin seats, lifting jack supports and piston heads are made of cast steel. The molded steel components guarantee a longer lifetime and a lower weight than the traditional components made of metal sheet.

Interchangeable galvanized container supports. This particular solution allows you to replace worn supports, restoring the original condition of the supports and guides in a very short time.

MODULAR sliding pads. This new construction concept of the central body allows you to adjust the sliding pads after a long period of use, bringing the arm back to its original working condition and reducing complex maintenance work.

This mechanical safety device is completely independent from the telescopic arm operation, and is inserted automatically during tipping and disengaged when the equipment returns from tipping to a resting position on the frame, ensuring maximum safety during the tipping phases.

Standard container locking device (reversible internal – external type), DIN-compliant locking and CHEM-compliant locking

The front locking grants additional safety during the container transport. It is particularly suitable for vehicles that need to load machinery such as mini-diggers, mini-loaders etc. in the back of the container.

BoB hooklifts, starting with the T20 model, can be equipped with the optional front locking system MLS “Mobile Locking System” (patented) which is mounted on the lifting arm. This locking allows you to have a constant container locking during the tipping phase, maintaining a support on 4 points.

The oil cooler keeps the hydraulic oil operating temperature under control and protects the hydraulic components, maintaining the characteristics of the hydraulic oil. This accessory is particularly suitable for heavy duty work or when also other equipment is used.

The High-Speed ​​system provides the equipment with a constant speed increase on all movements. Bigger control valves allow to manage higher oil flow rates while keeping operating temperatures under control. The High-Speed solution increases the average working speed of the equipment up to 80% compared to the standard version, and a further 20% increase in speed is achieved when using the regenerative hydraulic system.

The optional regenerating valve mounted on the lifting cylinders allows you to recover the oil coming from the stem and send it to the caseback adding it to the pump flow rate by increasing its handling speed.

The mechanical stop of the rear frame installed on the pierced longitudinal members is specific for the translation of the container from / to a hooklift trailer, ensuring full operational flexibility for telescopic arm maneuvers.


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