The BOB Italev loading cranes are designed to ensure the best performance in terms of lifting capacity, operational speed and reliability. The production of BOB Italev loading cranes from 11 tm to 15 tm covers the main needs in terms of lifting capacity required for different uses, timber handling, waste collection, ferrous materials and bulk building materials. The range covers both foldable loading cranes (W series) and non-foldable loading cranes (R series), each of them configurable with different boom types.

In 2019, the new REVO range was presented, making a big step forwards in the control of loading cranes movements. The production of the REVO range will begin in early 2021.

All BoB Italev loading cranes can be equipped with the exclusive BoB Connect system and benefit from tax breaks in favor of technological investments related to the “Industry 4.0” program.



High weight-to-power ratio thanks to the use of high strength steel. BoB Hydraulic Systems loaders are designed for intensive use and high productivity guaranteed over time.

BoB Italev loading cranes carpentry, thanks to the use of element analysis tools during design, is optimized to achieve the best possible performance while maintaining a high degree of components reliability.

All BoB Italev loading cranes have the rotation in oil bath as a standard feature. This system ensures a better lubrication of the pinion/rack kinematics, decreases the frictions during the movement and increases the life of all components.

The BoB Italev loading cranes are equipped with hydraulic stabilizers of a maximum opening of 4,580 mm, ensuring full stability even on particularly light vehicles. Furthermore, on the W 110 model hydraulic rotating stabilizer jacks are available on request (standard in the rest of the range).

The articulated stabilizers allow to increase the speed of the loading crane through a simple manoeuver. This type of application is particularly suitable when the crane is mounted on the container.

BoB Italev loading cranes are equipped with an integrated multi-sector stability control system. This system offers the possibility to limit the crane’s lifting capacity related to the stabilizers’ opening and the arm’s position.

The hydraulic pipes inside the arm grant safety and reliability further to a clean and functional design.

The BoB Italev loading cranes mount an adjustable Snail side seat as standard endowment. From the lateral control position you have a better look inside the container. The control position can house the flow control with lined up levers or, in option, joystick control and pedals with double flow control.

The central control position offers a better sight around the vehicle and is particularly suitable for construction or timber transport sectors. The central position contains a double flow control with Joystick and pedals.

Danfoss PVG32 plywood flow proportional hydraulic distributor. The ideal flow control unit for those who require a precise and proportional movement, or those who need to move the loading crane with a radio control.

Scanreco RC400 proportional remote control unit (can be supplied only together with Danfoss PVG32 proportional flow control).

The oil cooler keeps the hydraulic oil operating temperature under control and protects the hydraulic components, maintaining the characteristics of the hydraulic oil. This accessory is particularly suitable for heavy duty work or when also other equipment is used.

BoB Connect is a telediagnostic system with satellite interconnection specific for hooklifts, skip loaders, loading cranes and agricultural trailers. The system allows you to monitor the location and conditions of use of the equipment through a data network. BoB Connect allows you benefit from the tax relief provided to support technological investments related to the “Industry 4.0” program.

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Dry Seat foldable rain cover. Useful in case of rain, it can be folded for transport within the crane shape.